Nicea Collection

The inspiration for the Nicea collection is rooted in my heritage and it goes all the way back to my ancestors in Anatolia. Nicea, a 4th Century BC Anatolian city, was named after a nymph who was the strong-willed daughter of the River God in ancient mythology. At its best, the City was a thriving hub of Ottoman art. It is here that the world famous Cintemani motifs, a traditional design for Nicea tiles, were designed.

My early years in art education included traditional Ottoman design elements. And it was around then that I fell in love with the Cintemani pattern. In my Nicea collection, I used the same three mystical dots that are symbolic of the Cintemani design which represent power, elegance and abundance. These qualities are mirrored in my pieces and also represent the women I design for. A woman that is confident and loves to express her individuality through her style. As with my other collection, Nicea pieces are all conversation starters.