My inspiration for the Kaftan collection is vintage textile from the Ottoman Era. Sourcing 100 year old vintage textiles directly from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the Kaftan collection is inspired by historic 14th century Ottoman Era designs. A Kaftan has been traditionally worn as an elegant overcoat by several cultures around the world for thousands of years. The intricate and vibrant designs of the Kaftan sparked a fire in me and unleashed my creative process. I have reused emroidery of the Kaftan to create this collection, and share their ancient stories with you. Using gold, brass, polymer clay, and modern jewellery techniques, I have infused new modernity and life into these beautiful ancient pieces.

To create such a unique and beautiful piece for the Kaftan collection, I carefully cut the sirma embroidery from the frail fabric, then I set the sirma into hand moulded polymer clay which is crafted to highlight the beauty of the specific embroidery in each piece. Once set, each piece is hand polished and finished to remove imperfections. They are then attached to the jewellery finding to complete the piece.