Dal Necklace

The textile pieces are nestled together in this sophisticated and beautiful necklace. Made with a guitar string, the juxtaposition of modern and old create an elegant and easy to wear piece. This necklace will punch up any outfit, and fill your soul with stories of ancient times.

MATERIALS | This Necklace is made of old Kaftan pieces embedded in black polymer clay. The chain is a brass guitar string and there is no clasp, so it slips on easily over your head.

SIZE | Fits approx. 26" (66cm) long. Slips on easily over head. Oval: 2 3/4" X 1 3/4" (72mmX42mm) Round: 1 1/4" (30mm) in diameter.

PRICE | 225.00 CAD

CARE: Brass oxidises naturally, giving it an aged look over time. You can clean and polish it with common household products like lemon juice, ketchup, or toothpaste. However, use care when cleaning the brass or metal components of your jewellery to avoid letting the cleaning agent come into contact with the fibers.

NOTE | each piece is individually handmade and may vary slightly from the images shown. please allow for subtle variations of vintage materials, as well as oxidisation of brass.